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Bowlers continue to push scores higher at 2023 USBC Women’s Championships

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 Bowlers continue to push scores higher at 2023 USBC Women’s Championships

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Leah Zweig The big scores have continued to roll in at the 2023, with competitors walking into the South Point Bowling Plaza prepared with their striking shoes.In the Amethyst Division on Sunday, Chicago’s Courtney Briggs and Tracy Fisher took over doubles, putting up combined sets of 357, 338 and 345 for a total of 1,040.

Trish Ortiz and Rainee Ortiz of Chandler, Arizona, had started the day in the lead with 978.Fisher, who made her second tournament appearance, rolled individual scores of 192, 173 and 166 for a 531 series. Briggs, making her third USBC Women’s Championships appearance, put up games of 165, 165 and 179 for 509.“This is our second USBC tournament together,” Fisher said.

“We bowled for the first time together last year, and here we are now.”Both took a 10-year hiatus from bowling, but they proved they are ready for the comeback with their showing at the Bowling Plaza.“I’d like to make it to that 20-year mark,” Briggs said. “To come back every year and make that special list of bowlers.”When they were asked about their leaderboard-topping performance, Briggs and Fisher looked at one another and stated, “It’s a team effort.”Amethyst Doubles features bowlers with combined entering averages of 250-275.Pamela Hileski of Chico, California, struck her way to the top of the standings in Emerald Singles as well on Sunday.She rolled games of 233, 196 and 212 for a 641 series.

Cynthia Pearson of Southaven, Mississippi, previously held the lead with 625.Making her fifth appearance at the Women’s Championships, Hileski never imaged she’d put up such a series.“I never had a series like this at any type of championship,” Hileski said. “So, this performance has been amazing.

I cannot believe I am going to be on top of the leaderboard.”The Emerald Division features bowlers with entering averages of 149-160.The 2023 Women’s Championships started April 23 and will conclude July 2. The event will run for 71 consecutive days at the South Point Bowling Plaza and feature more than 4,200 four-player teams and nearly 17,000 bowlers.Follow updates and more from the

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