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Mississippi authorities to investigate fatal shooting by sheriff’s deputies while attempting arrest

Reporter: Cdispatch

 Mississippi authorities to investigate fatal shooting by sheriff’s deputies while attempting arrest

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SOUTHAVEN — Mississippi sheriff’s deputies are under investigation after they shot a man to death as they attempted an arrest early Wednesday at a home in Southaven, authorities said. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation said it received notification before 7 a.m. that the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team was attempting an arrest when the man allegedly pointed a weapon at the deputies, who fired shots in response, killing him.

No deputies were injured. DeSoto County Chief Deputy Justin Smith, in a statement Thursday, said the SWAT team was trying to serve a federal search warrant on behalf of the Drug Enforcement Administration for the deceased, identified as Demarcus Williams, 34, of Southaven. “Deputies knocked on the door and announced their presence for an ample amount of time for occupants to come to the door,” Smith said.

“Williams did not respond or answer the door. We continued to try and make contact with Williams. Once we made contact with Williams through a window, deputies asked him multiple times to show his hands and surrender. He refused. Williams produced a rifle and he pointed it at a deputy. The deputy shot Williams in the chest in self defense, medical aid was attempted as soon as reasonably possible, and Williams succumbed to his injuries on the scene.” Smith noted that Williams had a lengthy criminal record, including murder, assault, aggravated robbery, multiple drug charges and gun charges. “In a world of increasing violence and degradation of the law enforcement profession, these incidents can be minimized by complying with the multiple commands Mr.

Williams was given,” Smith said. “Unfortunately, we had a tragic loss of life, but it could have been avoided with compliance.” MBI said it is gathering evidence as part of its investigation and once complete the agency will hand its findings over to the Attorney General’s Office.

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