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One of the 10 Best Places for Leaf Peeping in New England is in Massachusetts

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 One of the 10 Best Places for Leaf Peeping in New England is in Massachusetts

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Fall is right around the corner and that means leaf-peeping season is not far off in the distance. Of course, New Englanders know and sometimes may even take for granted the beauty that we have been blessed with in our own backyard during the fall season. Tourists certainly appreciate it as some folks drive from near and far to stretch their necks to see the robust colors that New England presents each and every year.

One particular spot that recently received some attention from Travel + Leisure is located in Massachusetts. One of the Best Places for Leaf Peeping in New England is in Massachusetts In an article that the Travel + Leisure website recently updated entitled 10 Best Places to See Fall Foliage in New England, the Mohawk Trail is on that list.

The Mohawk Trail is a part of Routes 2 and 2A. It follows much of the original Indian trail, from Westminster, Massachusetts to Williamstown, Massachusetts, for about 69 miles and passes through the communities of Orange, Erving, Gill, Greenfield, Shelburne, Buckland, Charlemont, Savoy, Florida, and North Adams. I have been on the Mowhak Trail many times as I used to drive it frequently to visit my then-girlfriend (now wife) as she lived in the Town of Florida at the time.

One of my favorite places for leaf-peeping activities is on the Hairpin Turn right by the Golden Eagle restaurant. You can view a big chunk of North Adams and surrounding Berkshire areas from that spot and the colors are just amazing to see during the fall season. Judging by the photos and video (courtesy of Pramit Mitra Photography on YouTube) wouldn't you agree? If you haven't been yet, make sure you put the Mohawk Trail on your list of fall foliage destinations this year.

You will be very happy you did. See the Must-Drive Roads in Every State LOOK: 25 must-visit hidden gems from across the US From secret gardens to underground caves, Stacker compiled a list of 25 must-visit hidden gems from across the United States using travel guides, news articles, and company websites.

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