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Jamaican Woman Marries Man She Had Prayed to Get: "Fulfilled God's Promises"

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 Jamaican Woman Marries Man She Had Prayed to Get:

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For Jemeta Williams, her journey from solitude to companionship became a reality in a truly remarkable way As a devout member of the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Jemeta's unwavering faith led her to the man she had fervently prayed for Jemeta's pursuit of a life partner wasn't just a quest for companionship; it was a desire for a partner who shared her profound belief in God Jemeta Williams, a devout member of the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Schenectady, New York, has married the man she fervently prayed for. The couple became husband and wife during a magical reception ceremony.

Photo: The Gleaner. Source: Facebook Jemeta embarks on a week of fasting Jemeta's journey from loneliness to companionship is a testimony of her unwavering faith and the manifestation of her heartfelt desires. Her pursuit of a life partner was not merely about companionship but rather a quest for a fellow believer who shared her commitment to God, compassion, and desire to nurture a strong family. Her prayers were answered in the form of Llaurence Whyte, a man whose attributes remarkably aligned with her aspirations. Having moved to upstate New York to live with her mother, Jemeta found herself longing for a partner. Moved by a profound sense of loneliness, she embarked on a week-long period of fasting and prayer, beseeching God for a husband. “I moved upstate to live with my mother.

I realised that I was lonely, and even more so, I was living among people that were all married," Jemeta recounted. How did Jemeta meet her hubby? "I fasted and prayed for one week and said to God that he took me out of the city, and I knew that he didn’t want me to be lonely. I told God I did not want a boyfriend, I needed a husband,” Fate intervened when Llaurence Whyte, a man with an affinity for music and deep involvement in church activities, returned to the same community after several years. Attending the same church, their paths converged in what seemed like a divine orchestration. Jemeta's mother, with her intuition and wisdom, recognised their compatibility and introduced them. A series of interactions at church and prayer meetings laid the foundation for a blossoming connection. “I asked God for someone who was tall and also involved in music in the church.

Llaurence is six feet three inches, and he is involved in music. He plays the keyboards, drums, and bass,” Jemeta shared. The couple finally get married After a year of dating, Llaurence proposed to Jemeta on the very date, she began praying for a husband. “I met Jemeta in church, and I was inspired by her beauty and her love for God and for people.

She has a radiant smile, and I was captivated by her thoughtfulness and compassion,” Llaurence recounted. Their shared commitment to their faith and the prospect of building a strong family became the foundation for their decision to marry. On August 19, amidst an atmosphere of enchantment, Jemeta and Llaurence exchanged their vows at Ivy’s Cove in White House, Westmoreland. The wedding was a harmonious blend of tradition and personal touches. Newlyweds are excited about their journey The bridal party, including the bride and groom, wore dusty blue and white with hints of gold, symbolizing peace and unity. The couple opted for ivory attire, a choice that beautifully complemented their complexion. A two-tier cake crafted by Avis Hammond, featuring a delightful combination of black forest and vanilla, graced the occasion. The bride’s grandmother contributed the traditional wedding fruit cake, adding a touch of familial warmth to the festivities. Looking toward the future, the newlyweds are excited about their journey as a family of six. “My husband is a provider, and he protects his family.

He takes care of me and all the children. I have one child, and he has three children, and you would not know the difference,” Jemeta expressed with deep affection. Woman prays to forget previous intimacy before marriage A woman using the Twitter handle @adarathexplorer narrated how she purged past intimacy experiences before walking down the aisle with her hubby. The lady, who's a counsellor, disclosed that she married a man who was pure although she had had sexual experiences with other men in the past. According to her, she had to consecrate herself, pray and fast so that God may make her forget the sexual experiences she had in the past. "When hubby and I got serious about courtship, I fasted and prayed, and asked God to erase any ties to and memories of the men I had been with before my husband.I was not coming to our marriage bed with no prior activity.

I wasn’t coming to it ashamed or condemned either because I was made clean in Christ, however, I wanted to be able to come to my marriage bed with dignity; and for our experience together to be unique to us. He was pure and I was not, but I didn’t want that to be a hindrance to our sexual relationship." she said. PAY ATTENTION: check out news exactly for YOU ➡️ click on “Recommended for you” and enjoy! Source:

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