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New York Named 2nd Worst “Hardest-Working” State in the Country

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 New York Named 2nd Worst “Hardest-Working” State in the Country

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Heads up New Yorkers, you're not going to like these numbers. When it comes to hard working people, you can find many proud men and women right here in Upstate New York. It doesn't matter if you're blue-collar or white-collar, everyone you know seems to be busting their (you-know-what) to get the job done.

You might think that's true for everyone else like you in the state too. Well... unfortunately that's not the case according to a new study. Credit - bowie15 from Getty Images Credit - bowie15 from Getty Images loading... No-Good New York Wallet Hub recently published an article ranking "2023's Hardest-Working States in America".

Not only did New York State fall out of the Top 5, Top 10, and Top 20... but they actually ranked 2nd Worst on the list at 49th overall. The study was based on 10 key metrics, with the main ones being... Average Workweek Hours Employment Rates Vacation Time Unused Commute Times When it comes to employment rates and commute times, that's where New York faired the worst.

When it comes to finding a job, the Empire State ranked 5th worst for employment. Whether that's because people are refusing to work OR companies aren't hiring, it's still dragging the employment rate through the mud. pixdeluxe from Getty Images Signature pixdeluxe from Getty Images Signature loading... As for commute time, New York actually ranked LAST in that category.

The average commute for a New Yorker is 33 minutes, which is 1.8 times longer than in the state with the shortest time (South Dakota, 18 minutes). Summarized into two categories... New York ranked 50th for Direct Work Factors and 26th for Indirect Work Factors. Both numbers alarmingly being low for the state. Here's how the other states ranked... Top 10 Hardest-Working North Dakota Alaska South Dakota Nebraska Wyoming Texas Virginia Colorado Kansas Hawaii Top 10 (Least) Hardest-Working New Mexico New York West Virginia Michigan Connecticut Nevada Ohio Rhode Island Oregon Pennsylvania 13 Worst Places to Live in New York State From high crime and unemployment rates to a lack of entertainment, here are the 13 worst places to live in New York state, according to Rub Elbows With the Stars at 8 Celebrity Owned Businesses in New York A number of celebrities call Upstate New York home.

A small few not only own homes but businesses too. You may even run into them when you stop by for a sweet treat, overnight stay or soft skin. 9 New York Ice Cream Shops With Massive Cones It'd Take Two to Eat Here are 9 shops in New York that serve cones and sundaes so big you may have to call in help. 44 of Biggest Earthquakes to Shake New York State New York is no stranger to earthquakes.

There have been 44 to hit the state with a magnitude of 3.0 or higher.

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