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Own a Historic Upstate NY Home Where a Grisly Mob Murder Took Place

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 Own a Historic Upstate NY Home Where a Grisly Mob Murder Took Place

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A historic home in the Hudson Valley has hit the market... one that was both the home of a Prohibition-era gangster AND a Pulitzer Prize-winning author. 67 DOVE STREET • ALBANY, NEW YORK Global MLS Global MLS loading... This 3-story townhouse in the Hudson Valley looks unassuming from the outside, but it has a TON of rich history.

It was once the home of Jack "Legs" Diamond, a notorious bootlegger who was killed in his upstairs bedroom in 1931. Legs Diamond gained infamy for his involvement in organized crime, including bootlegging, illegal gambling, and various criminal activities. Diamond was known for his elusive and slippery nature, earning him the nickname "Legs" due to his ability to escape law enforcement.

He faced multiple assassination attempts but survived them until he was eventually killed at this property. Global MLS Global MLS loading... PULITZER-PRIZE WINNING AUTHOR WILLIAM KENNEDY More recently, 67 Dove Street was "a place of refuge and an office" for William Kennedy, author of the acclaimed Albany Cycle series.

Kennedy's 1984 novel Ironweed -- which is part of the series -- garnered him a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1984. Born in 1928 and still going strong, Kennedy is both a local legend and a literary powerhouse. AS FOR THE HOME... Originally built in 1857, this 1,306 sq ft estate has two bedrooms, two baths and an attached garage.

The listing says it's been "appropriately updated and solidly maintained." Check out the pictures from the Zillow listing below: Historic Albany Home to Both Prohibition Bootlegger & Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author for Sale To say this house has history would be an understatement. 21 Famous Literary Giants With Deep Roots in Upstate New York This is a list of 21 literary legends who have deep connections with Upstate New York.

Some were born here, some went to school here, some are buried here. The list is is amazing! How many of these authors' books have you read? 35 Famous People Buried in New York State Cemeteries in New York have a number of famous people buried there. Here are 35, from Presidents and sports stars to Hollywood icons.

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