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Father and son fight ends with meat cleaver killing: police

Reporter: Yahoo

 Father and son fight ends with meat cleaver killing: police

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A man allegedly slaughtered his father with a meat cleaver during a bloody bout in their suburban New York home, police said. August Velasco, 47, grabbed a meat cleaver and ripped into his 76-year-old father "multiple times," in their Yonkers, New York, home, according to police. Police did not say what sparked the fatal attack. Jose Raul Velasco, who suffered injuries to his head, face, back and hands, was pronounced dead at the scene, and responding officers found what they believe is the murder weapon in their home. BODYCAM SHOWS LINDSAY SHIVER'S MOM SIDE WITH IN-LAWS IN CUSTODY BOUT BEFORE MURDER-FOR-HIRE PLOT August Velasco was arrested the same day and has been held in jail on a second-degree murder charge. READ ON THE FOX NEWS APP COLD CASE TORE FAMILY APART, DROVE VICTIM'S SISTER TO SUICIDE AFTER DECADES OF UNANSWERED QUESTIONS He was arraigned in Yonkers City Court Wednesday afternoon, when his legal aid lawyer requested a psychiatric examination, local news outlet The Journal News/ reported. Yonkers Police Sgt.

Frank DiDomizio told the local newspaper there were no prior reports of domestic violence at the home. "It is a sad and tragic incident when an individual takes the life of another, a sentiment which is only amplified when there is a family relation connecting them," Yonkers Police Commissioner Christopher Sapienza said in a statement after August's arrest. "I applaud our Police Officers and Detectives for their quick response and thoroughness throughout this investigation." Original article source: Father and son fight ends with meat cleaver killing: police

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