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Stabbing in City of Newburgh Has Become a Homicide Investigation

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 Stabbing in City of Newburgh Has Become a Homicide Investigation

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In recent days, City of Newburgh Police have been investigating a stabbing incident earlier this week. Recent news however has changed the parameters of that investigation which has now officially become a homicide case. Get our free mobile app City of Newburgh Cops Find Stabbing Victim The following are details into the homicide investigation as of right now.

We will do our best to update details on this investigation if or when new information becomes available. Google Maps Google Maps loading... The incident under investigation originally took place this past Tuesday on September 12th. Multiple reports state that City of Newburgh Police Officers were already on location at Montefiore St.

Luke's Cornwall Hospital after attending to a separate incident. It was shortly there after that the same police officers found the stabbing victim outside of the hospital's emergency room. 145836109 Braden Gunem/ThinkStock loading... Reports state that the police officers guided the victim into the hospital to have his injuries treated.

A short time later officers were informed that the injuries the victim sustained proved too severe and the victim subsequently passed away. Tracking Down the Crime Scene As of right now, not much information has been released on the victim. What is known is that the victim was identified as a 37-year-old male.

This is apparently due to the fact that efforts were still being made to inform the victim's next of kin. A police crime scene tape close-up aijohn784 loading... Police officers would leave the hospital to investigate the surrounding area in order to potentially find the crime scene of where the stabbing occurred.

Officers would eventually identify that crime scene, a location on Lutheran Street near the Van Ness Street intersection. med230010 Medioimages/Photodisc loading... Where Homicide Investigation Stands As of right now, the homicide investigation is still in its early stages. No suspects have yet been identified, nor have any arrests been made into the matter. Under Investigation follder ThinkStock loading... The City of Newburgh police are currently asking for help.

They are requesting that anyone with relevant information into this investigation to come forward. One may do that by contacting the City of Newburgh's Detective Division at 845-569-7509. Calls to this line are also considered confidential. Your Odds of Getting Your Property Stolen In These 11 Cities in New York Data compiled from Neighborhood Scout and are up to date as of 4/26/2023 Why New York State Thruway Was Closed For Nearly 24 Hours In The Hudson Valley

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