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AG Yost Expands Access to Law Enforcement Training With New OPOTA Close to Home Location

Reporter: Ohioattorneygeneral

 AG Yost Expands Access to Law Enforcement Training With New OPOTA Close to Home Location

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> > > 9/6/2023 (TOLEDO, Ohio) — Honoring his commitment to expand access to law enforcement training, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost today announced Owens Community College is the newest regional training provider for the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy’s “OPOTA Close to Home” program. “We’re listening to the challenges local departments are facing and taking steps to fill the gaps and provide access to training,” AG Yost said.

“We continue to support police and are proud to partner with Owens Community College in that mission.” OPOTA Close to Home allows Ohio’s 33,000 peace officers to access training regionally, making in-person, advanced, and mandatory CPT training more readily available to local agencies and reducing travel and overtime staffing costs. Owens Community College is the sixth Close to Home location and seventh location overall, bolstering Yost’s goal to include access to in-person courses in every corner of the state.

OPOTA’s main campus and Tactical Training Center in London will continue to provide advanced training and welcome officers from around Ohio. “Owens Community College is proud to expand and provide advanced training opportunities to all law enforcement agencies in Northwest Ohio through this new OPOTA regional training partnership,” said Lieutenant Mark King.

“We have been at the forefront of law enforcement education and training since 1970 with the Basic Peace Officer Training Academy. For the OPOTA partnership, we are adding a minimum of 22 new courses to the curriculum that will be supported by our modern training simulators.” Since OPOTA Close to Home launched in 2022, the number of courses offered and officers attending training at regional providers has more than quadrupled from 17 courses to 71, and 157 students to 639. Close to Home providers are selected based on location, space and ability to help reduce travel costs to agencies. Regional providers may schedule and provide OPOTA advanced training courses to current peace officers and anyone who has completed basic training with a certificate. –30– MEDIA CONTACT:Kelly May: 614-813-7419

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