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Covering Green Country: Collinsville

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 Covering Green Country: Collinsville

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COLLINSVILLE, Okla. — A city of 8,346 — Collinsville sits 20 miles north of Tulsa between Highway 75 and Highway 169. But it hasn't always been exactly where it is today. The town was moved about a mile west in 1899 to be closer to the railway just built from Kansas to Owasso. Wooden buildings were placed on rollers and pulled by horse to their new location. Oklahoma Historical Society The same year, Collinsville was officially incorporated — meaning the town could elect its own government. Collinsville got its name from Dr.

A. H. Collins, who moved his post office to the area in 1897. It was initially known as Collins or the Collins Post Office, until the town adopted its current name in 1898. Collinsville is also Native Territory and a part of the Cherokee Nation. Abundant and sulphur-free coal close to the surface of the ground initially drew people to the area.

By 1902, its population grew to 1,500. Oklahoma Historical Society "In 1906, the Coffeyville Vitrified Brick and Tile Company of Kansas, opened a factory in Collinsville, and the plant still operated as late as 1962," according to the Oklahoma Historical Society. "It supplied bricks for the town's buildings and paved streets and exported paving bricks as far as Tampa, Florida (thirty-one train-car loads in 1926)." The city is home to Tulsa County's oldest newspaper — Collinsville News. SEE MORE >>> Historical Collinsville Photos Oklahoma's first Future Farmers of America chapter was created by kids in Collinsville in 1922 and agriculture continues to be a driver for the town's economy. Collinsville High School made headlines when its band won 10 consecutive state championships from 1994-2003. Despite only spanning eight square miles, there's lots to see in Collinsville including alpacas at the Fitzgerald Acres Alpaca Ranch, the Collinsville Newspaper Museum and Paintball Land. Every year in late August, the Collinsville Tri-County Fair brings hundreds to Main Street for tractor-driving contests, pet shows, local vendors and more. Stay in touch with us anytime, anywhere --

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