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Ex-Con, Parolee Assaults Police In PA, Flees Yelling 'Tell Them To Catch Me!'

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 Ex-Con, Parolee Assaults Police In PA, Flees Yelling 'Tell Them To Catch Me!'

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A man who was being released on bail assaulted police and attempted to run away, authorities say. Everett Robert Swartz, 39, of Akron, Pennsylvania was arrested by West Earl Township police on a misdemeanor charge of simple assault around 10 a.m. May, 27, according to the police. He was arraigned and released by Judge Bearinger after posting $5,000 in unsecured bail, court records confirm. As part of his release, he was taken back to the West Earl police department, but shortly after this happened State Parole contacted West Earl police and asked that Swartz not be released as "that State Parole had placed a detainer on him and that he was under arrest," as stated in the release. At this moment Swartz took off on foot, running away from Officer Justin Cruce of West Earl Township yelling, "tell them to catch me!" police say.

"After a very brief foot chase Officer Cruce was able to subdue Swartz and place him into handcuffs" as stated in the release. Cruce suffered minor injuries while rearresting Swartz, who was then sent to the Lancaster County Prison on the parole detainer, according to the release. Officer Cruce charged Everett Swartz with two felonies for Aggravated Assault, Flight to avoid apprehension, and a misdemeanor for Resisting Arrest, police say and court records confirm. His first preliminary hearing is for the simple assault charge before the Honorable David L.

Ashworth at 8:45 a.m. on June 9 and his second preliminary hearing in connection with the fleeing incident, has been scheduled before Magisterial District Judge Jonathan W. Heisse at 9 a.m. on June 14, court records show. Swartz previously pleaded guilty and served time for numerous charges related to a DUI and Homicide By Vehicle in 2005, Terroristic Threats in 2007, and Indecent Exposure in 2014, according to court documents. Click here to follow Daily Voice Lancaster and receive free news updates.

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