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Mamie Polite Scott Obituary

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 Mamie Polite Scott Obituary

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Mamie Polite Scott came into this world on October 17, 1929, born to the union of Joseph Venson Polite and Sadie Helen Mae Williams. Although she often considered Conway, South Carolina her birthplace, her early childhood was spent on a family farm in Aynor, South Carolina. Assuming the role of the eldest daughter brought Mamie a plethora of responsibilities, hastening her journey to maturity.

While her mother toiled on the farm, Mamie's days were consumed with cleaning, cooking, and nurturing her younger siblings. At the tender age of 15, Mamie embarked on a new chapter, relocating to Hallsboro, North Carolina to reside with her Aunt Alice Nellie Cherry, who cared for her as if she was her own.

Aunt Alice facilitated Mamie's enrollment in beauty school in Columbus, South Carolina, where she successfully obtained her cosmetology license. Returning to North Carolina, she continued her life until fate intervened, introducing her to the love of her life, Albert James Scott. In 1950, Mamie and Al united in marriage, beginning a journey that led them between Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Scarsdale, NY, tirelessly seeking employment.

Their endeavors as live-in domestic help marked their collaborative efforts to save every hard-earned penny, eventually allowing them to purchase a modest wooden-framed house on Bellevue Avenue in Daytona Beach, Florida. Upon arriving in Daytona, Mamie and Al embraced a series of jobs. The pivotal moment came in 1962 when Mamie found herself at Halifax Hospital and, in a matter of weeks, secured her inaugural position as an X-ray technician.

Spanning over four decades, Mamie—affectionately known as "Scotty"—assumed various roles with admirable finesse, mastering the art of being a devoted wife, mother, and employee. She personified warmth and amiability, becoming a beloved presence for both colleagues and visitors alike. Her journey culminated in a retirement celebration, where Halifax honored her for forty years of unwavering service.

With gratitude, she embraced retirement's alluring horizon. Early retirement found Mamie engaged in travel and family visits. Notably, she journeyed to Washington, D.C. to witness her son David's induction as a U.S. Congress member. She reveled in tending to her yard and embarking on daily walks, her crochet needle ever-present as she diligently crafted dollies for Christmas gifts, tenderly encasing them in tins filled with her own baked chocolate chip cookies. Mamie's life was a testament to her devout faith in Christ.

Her move to Florida led her to Shiloh Baptist Church, where she became a lifelong member until illness intervened. Visitation, 10am until 12pm, Services begin 12pm Tuesday, September 5, 2023 at the Herbert Thompson Funeral Home, Inc. 901 Dr. Mary M. Bethune Blvd. Daytona Beach, Florida 32114. Interment will follow at the Greenwood Cemetery 320 White Street Daytona Beach, Florida 32114.

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