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Antonelli Named RI Elementary Principal of the Year

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 Antonelli Named RI Elementary Principal of the Year

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Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Digg Shares WARWICK, RI — Norwood Elementary Principal Sabrina Antonelli was named the RI Elementary Principal of the Year Wednesday, April 9 and students there are clearly happy about it. Norwood Elementary students crowded the school gym to hear and cheer the news and hold signs praising their principal. Mayor Frank Picozzi is also a fan. “Congratulations to Dr.

Antonelli, Principal at Norwood Elementary, who was named Rhode Island Principal of The Year, 2023! I’ve gotten to know an I admire her greatly. She is beloved by the Norwood School community,” Picozzi noted on his Facebook Page Wednesday night, along with video from the Norwood Elementary School gym, where students cheered the news. The Rhode Island Association of School Principals, which names the outstanding elementary principal each year, announced the news on their Twitter feed Wednesday, April 5.

The RIASP’s Executive Director, Robert Littlefield, presented the honor to Antonelli at the school Wednesday. “Congratulations to RIASP’s Elementary Principal of the Year for 2023 – Dr. Sabrina Antonelli of Warwick’s Norwood Elementary School. A leader who never stops in trying to make her school a better place to learn,” the RIASP noted on their Twitter feed Wednesday night. The Rhode Island Association of School Principals serves its members and leads the educational community by supporting, developing, and recognizing exceptional leadership.

Dedicated to supporting school principals as the leaders of today’s schools, teachers, and students, the organization is the state’s leading professional association for school principals. RIASP serves its 500+ membership by educating, lobbying, and collaborating on behalf of the broad range of issues facing Rhode Island principals. Established in 1932, the RIASP promotes positive student outcomes, student-centered policies, and the recognition of the role principals play every day in our schools in leading the continuous pursuit of educational excellence. Author: Rob Borkowski Rob has worked as reporter and editor for several publications, including The Kent County Daily Times and Coventry Courier, before working for Gatehouse in MA then moving home with Patch Media.

Now he's publisher and editor of WarwickPost.com. Contact him at editor@warwickpost.com with tips, press releases, advertising inquiries, and concerns.

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