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Dog Friendly Summer Vacation Places In South Dakota

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 Dog Friendly Summer Vacation Places In South Dakota

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Ahhh....summer vacation time. It'll be here before we know it. It's been a long winter and doesn't even get me started on the challenges of the past year-plus. We need to getaway. We have a beautiful state to explore or re-explore. Yep, in good ol' South Dakota, you can head north, south, east, west.

It doesn't matter, there's beauty in every part of the state and fun, too! Whether a day trip or a week, count me in! There's only one question to answer: What to do with Fido, or Zip, or Walter, or whatever your dog's name is. Well, why not take him along? He is, after all, an important part of the family! Get our free mobile app According to the website, South Dakota is one of the country's friendliest state's when it comes to bringing along a man's (and woman's) best friend on a well-deserved relaxing vacation. They say that in Sioux Falls alone there are 26 ' pet-friendly' hotels, and they also mention bringing Pooch to Spencer Park. And if you're headed elsewhere in the Sunshine State, no worries! Rapid City has 20 'pet friendly' hotels, there are 8 in Aberdeen and if you want to visit the World's Only Corn Palace in Mitchell, there are 6 there as well.

In fact, there are 572 hotels in Mount Rushmore State that have a welcome mat out for your 4-legged friend. Not only that, the site says there are 133 restaurants that your family pooch can visit, and they list 65 'dog activities'. So you don't have to let those sad eyes look at you as you drive away, those happy eyes can be in the back seat! And don't forget the dog biscuits!

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