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Sanford International Continues Through Sunday in Sioux Falls

Reporter: 973kkrc

 Sanford International Continues Through Sunday in Sioux Falls

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Right on


The Sanford International is one of the premier tournaments across the Champions Tour, and it's underway and runs through Sunday right here in the Sioux Empire. If you haven't had the chance to make it out, I'd highly recommend spending a day or at least an afternoon out at Minnehaha Country Club. This year, there are several new and also several familiar amenities out at the course. Get our free mobile app attachment-IMG_2229 (1) loading... The kid's area is as cool as ever, featuring fun games and challenges to keep young fans engaged. New this year is the 'More Cowbell' sandwich from 605 Barbecue, which brings the smoky tenderness of brisket on top of a Flyboy Doughnut for a bun.

Don't miss it. 605 Barbecue on Facebook 605 Barbecue on Facebook loading... It's a beautiful course as always and we're in for some good weather over the weekend. Currently, it's looking like mid 70s for highs with some cloud cover! is your source for information on tickets and parking, as well as golfer info and more! Get out and enjoy the links! Sources: Sanford International Official Site and 605 Barbecue on Facebook

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