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Sioux Falls Lyft Driver and Passenger Have Gun Pulled on Them

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 Sioux Falls Lyft Driver and Passenger Have Gun Pulled on Them

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A Sioux Falls man is behind bars following an assault case over the weekend in the southeast part of the city. Dakota News Now reports the incident occurred just before 11 on Saturday night, (May 20) in the 3200 block of East Michah Lane. The victim in the case, a 29-year-old Sioux Falls woman had called a Lyft to go downtown to join some friends earlier that evening when she noticed a white pickup truck following the Lyft vehicle she was inside. Get our free mobile app According to Dakota News Now, later that evening, the victim took another Lyft vehicle home, in the process of dropping off friends, and departing the downtown area, she noticed the same white pickup following her yet again.

This time, the journey took the victim through a neighborhood that ended up in a cul-de-sac. That's when the suspect in the white pickup blocked the road with his vehicle, got out of the truck, and pointed a gun at the victim and a 36-year-old Lyft driver from Sioux Falls. The victim and the driver immediately notified police, and once authorities arrived, Dakota News Now reports they took 53-year-old Chaun Brison into custody. Brison claims the reason he was following the victim inside the Lyft vehicle that evening and eventually pulled a gun on her, is that he believed the victim was somehow connected to some knocking the suspect had heard at his door earlier that evening which alarmed him. Police ended up arresting and charging Brison with two counts of aggravated assault resulting from the incident. Source: Dakota News Now 30 Ways You Might Have Already Broken the Law Today Most of us try the best we can to be law-abiding citizens, but did you know that you may have been breaking the law without even realizing it? BestLifeOnline has a list of 30 of the most common transgressions.

How many have you been guilty of over the years? Out of 30, I am guilty of 19. And no I won't tell you which ones.

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