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South Dakota Cities Rank High As Best Places for Summer Jobs

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 South Dakota Cities Rank High As Best Places for Summer Jobs

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Why is Sioux Falls on a list of the Best Places for Summer Jobs? Most likely because there are plenty of jobs to be had! Drive down any street in Sioux Falls and you will probably see a "Now Hiring" sign or marquee. Can you say "labor shortage"? Why is Rapid City on this same list? If you have to ask, you don't know South Dakota at all.

Not only is Rapid City a gateway to Mount Rushmore, but it also has a thriving business economy which includes, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology, not to mention Ellsworth Airforce Base. Summertime is a great time to join the workforce for young people and Wallet Hub knows that where you look for a summer job is just as important as what you want to do.

So they took it upon themselves to rate the country's largest cities for summer job force friendliness. According to this new study from Wallet Hub, which examined 182 different U.S. cities for job-friendliness, Rapid City came in 5th, and Sioux Falls did pretty well - placing 40th. They determined these ranks by comparing all the cities in two major categories, "Youth Job Market" and "Social Environment & Affordability". Within these two dimensions were subcategories including: Availability of summer jobs Availability of internships Unemployment rates Median incomes Minimum wage Rental prices Access to public transportation Commuter-friendly jobs Fun-friendliness and more. You can check out the complete study at Wallet Hub.

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