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Ten Years of Turning It Gold

Reporter: 12thman

 Ten Years of Turning It Gold

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Quinn was diagnosed with adrenal cortical carcinoma at 6-months-old in 2006. It is a form of cancer that attacks the adrenal glands that are around the kidneys. But it was treated, and Quinn went into remission at that time. In March 2014, Quinn’s cancer came back in the form of a brain tumor. That is when the idea came to life for the Go, Fight, Quinn Game.

The team flew the Pesicka family to Texas for the game and they had a welcome party for them at the airport. The Aggies’ SEC opener against Tennessee of Mueller’s junior year served as a fundraiser to assist Quinn’s family and to bring more attention to adolescent cancer. A&M beat Tennessee 3-0 and ended up raising $8,000.

All the money went to Quinn’s family to pay for her massive medical bills. “It truly is hard to put into words how special the ‘Go, Fight, Quinn’ weekend was,” Mueller said. “It was a dream come true for both the Pesicka family and me. To be able to share Quinn and her family with Aggie soccer and the fans, I think that really set us up for the run we made to the College Cup that season.

Quinn showed us true resilience, determination and fight. I believe that carried us through that championship season. To this day, that weekend is still my favorite memory.” Quinn passed away during the offseason on June 20, 2015. She was given two weeks to live, and she pulled through for two months.

Living those two months when she was given two weeks to live exemplifies the kind of fighter and survivor that she was. Quinn is loved and missed by her family, friends and everyone who got the chance to meet her.

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