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Texas Man Arrested After Driving Truck Into Swimming Pool

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 Texas Man Arrested After Driving Truck Into Swimming Pool

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A Texas man has been arrested after driving his truck into a homeowner's swimming pool. The Bowie County Sheriff's Office responded to a call shortly before 6:30 p.m. on Monday (May 16) at a house on Farm to Market Road 44 East outside of De Kalb, Texas, officials said. A truck reportedly drove into the home's in-ground swimming pool. The suspect, later identified as Erik Scott Shirley, 28, was already detained when the De Kalb Police Department and Bowie County Sheriff's Office arrived to the scene.

Witnesses said they saw a man "driving erratically and screaming out the windows of his truck," the sheriff's office said. Shirley drove his pick-up truck into the backyard of the De Kalb residence before "speeding up and submerging the truck in the homeowner's pool." The man from New Boston, Texas, then ran away from the pool toward the home where he was held at gunpoint by witnesses until police arrived to the scene. Officials said they believe Shirley was under the influence of an unknown substance, according to Everything Lubbock.

The pool sustained damage including severe cracks and needed to be drained. The truck was removed by MotorTow Wrecker and Recovery. Shirley was booked into the Bi State Jail on charges of criminal mischief over $2,500 and under $30,000. An investigation is still underway to determine exactly how the truck ended up in the swimming pool.

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