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Taylor Parker sentenced to death for capital murder

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 Taylor Parker sentenced to death for capital murder

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NEW BOSTON, Texas (KSLA) - On Wednesday, Nov. 9, convicted murderer Taylor Parker was sentenced to death by a Bowie County jury. Parker was convicted of killing Reagan Hancock and removing her unborn child, Braxlyn, from the womb on Oct. 3. Sentencing began on Oct. 12 and ran for 25 days. Over this time, the jury heard testimony from 142 witnesses. “We are just glad justice has been served, not only for our family, our friends, the prosecution team, our community,” said Jessica Brooks, Hancock’s mother. During closing arguments, the district attorney said they believe Parker is not going to change and will disregard any individual but herself.

They mentioned this was the most heinous case the county has seen. After two years, Hancock’s sister Emily Simmons got the chance to address Parker. “I’m overwhelmed with happiness it’s over because she has been such a burden in our life for so long now that I haven’t been able to think about my sister without thinking about her.” The defense argued that Parker’s family failed to address her traumatic issues.

The asked why there was no intervention, not to place blame, but to give jurors a total picture. The most surprising moment Wednesday was when a photo was shown of Hancock’s body at the crime scene. Prosecution said they want to remember her as a mother who died fighting for her baby. Earlier in the trial, Hancock’s fingernails were found in the placenta. The last order given by Judge John Tidwell was, “Take her to death row.” Copyright 2022 KSLA.

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