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Denver Broncos’ McTelvin Agim holds food giveaway in Texarkana, Texas

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 Denver Broncos’ McTelvin Agim holds food giveaway in Texarkana, Texas

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TEXARKANA, Texas (KSLA) — “Just a kid from Texarkana” was written on the shirt McTelvin Agim wore in 2015 when the Texarkana teen announced that he would play football at the University of Arkansas. Fast forward to the present day and Agim is a professional football player with the Denver Broncos who’s giving back to the community he grew up in. “Let me get a ham,” one recipient said. Agim sponsored a food giveaway Wednesday afternoon in the Texas city’s Sunset neighborhood.

More specifically, hams and turkeys were given away. “She got her a ham, thank the Lord Jesus,” a woman said of one recipient. “Thanksgiving is what it’s about, giving.” The event was a project by the Charlie Angel Foundation, which honors Agim’s grandmother Charlie McGraw. Agim was unable to attend, but his cousin Donald Mothershed was present. “Just to give back to the neighborhood, you know,” Mothershed said.

“A lot of people may not be able to have a good Thanksgiving meal on the table. So and try to help the neighborhood out and do for the people who return favors and do for people who did things for us.” By telephone, Agim said that this is a season of giving and that his grandmother was a giving woman, and he hopes to reflect her example. The foundation provided food for 100 families.

Foundation officials said they hope to make this an annual event. Copyright 2022 KSLA. All rights reserved.

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