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What are you doing to keep your kids active while at home?

Reporter: Rebecca Smith

 What are you doing to keep your kids active while at home?

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key pointsKey Points
  • Outside Activity Burns off negative energy.
  • We tried to get close to their normal recess times at school.
  • Outside activity helps with their School work and helps level off those energy spikes.
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Our kids are still at home even though our School District is transitioning over to the Hybrid model. As much as we've wanted our kids to go outside to play, the weather and changing school schedules started to make scheduling daily activities difficult. 

We noticed that our kids were starting to get tired and cranky due to the lack of activity, so we decided to change it again. 

Typically, while at school, our kids would have the recess around 10 am, a lunch break between 12-1, and another recess around 2 pm for 15 mins. So we decided to create the same activity breaks around their school schedule. 

At 10 am, or their closest break between classes, we run around the house 3 times. Even if it's wet out, they get out and do this so that their heart rate gets moving. Depending on the weather, they either shoot hoops for 10 mins or come under the porch and do some form of calisthenics, i.e., jumping jacks, sprinting in place, or climbers. At lunch, they walk around the house twice and are free to do whatever else they want. At 2 pm, they follow the 10 am routine. 

We've been doing this for the last couple of weeks and its done a couple of things:

1. Burns off negative energy

2. Gets their heart rate up so that they can somewhat stay in shape.

3. Gets them out of the house. 

It's pretty clear that when they don't get any activity for a couple of days in a row, their attitude goes south, they're a lot more argumentative, and they don't play well together. Getting them outside and active has been great for doing school at home. At the end of the day, almost nothing can replace being at school, but at least we can keep their moods in check.

What are things that have been working for you and your kids? Please add to this article or comment thanks. 

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