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Black Diamond Police Reports : VOICE of the Valley

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 Black Diamond Police Reports : VOICE of the Valley

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6-28-7-16, 2022 On 6/28/2022 Officers responded to a request for a welfare check in the 32000 block of Favro St. Officers responded to the location and were unable to locate the subject the caller was concerned for. ********** On 6/28/2022 Officers were contacted by a Search and Rescue Detective from King County Sheriff’s Office.

He advised they were going to be in the area southeast of Lake Sawyer park conducting a search for a subject that has been missing for about a month, reported missing out of Kent, WA. Upon searching, ehe SAR cadaver dogs located a deceased subject whose ID matched that of the missing subject. ********** On 06/29/2022, Officers responded to the 23500 block of SE 305th St reference an OSA.

KCSO was out with a possibly stolen vehicle in Covington, Washington and they requested contact with the RO at the above listed location. Contact was made with the RO who advised that if somebody had her vehicle then they stole it. The vehicle was in Fall City Washington when it was stolen. ********** On 06/29/2022 Officers contacted several individuals behind a closed business in the 29000 block of 216th AVE SE.

One individual was detained briefly due to an Arrest Warrant, prior to being released at the scene. ********** Driver was stopped for speeding 40mph in a posted 25mph zone. Driver was DWLS 3 and had several outstanding warrants with the City of Bonney Lake. Warrants were confirmed and she was booked into Enumclaw Jail.

Vehicle was impounded. ********** On 06/30/2022 Officers attempted to stop a vehicle for speeding in the 30700 block of 229th PL SE. The vehicle fled from Officers northbound. Officers then contacted the registered owner of the vehicle who stated that they had allowed another person to borrow their vehicle. ********** On 06/30/2022, Officers responded to the 31100 block of 3rd Avenue reference to a verbal domestic in progress.

Upon arrival, it was determined that no crime occurred. ********** On 07/07/2022 Officers were dispatched to the 32200 block of Union DR in regard to a report of a suspicious vehicle. Officers contacted two individuals, and a subsequent investigation determined that one was the subject of an arrest warrant.

That individual was taken into custody and transported to SCORE Jail for booking and the other person was released at the scene. ********** On 07-07-22, at approximately 13:08 hours, Officers met with a King County Sheriff’s Deputy at the Black Diamond Police Department who had arrested a male subject who had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant from Black Diamond.

Officers took custody of the subject and transported him to the Enumclaw Jail where he was booked on his warrant. ********** On 07-07-22, at approximately 17:36 hours, Officers received a call from Valley Communication Radio regarding a suspicious vehicle parked in the parking lot of Northwest Equine in the 25200 block of Roberts DR.

Officers were informed that an employee called to report that a female driving a silver Kia Spectra was parked in the parking lot and stated that she was having car problems. Officers arrived and found the vehicle to no longer be there. ********** On 07-10-22, at approximately 19:49 hours, Officers received a call from Valley Communication Radio regarding a music complaint.

Officers were informed neighbor called 911 to report loud music being played at the Masonic Hall in the 32500 block of 3rd AVE. Officers arrived and found that the side door to the establishment was being propped open. Officers asked the subject who rented the Masonic Hall to close the door to block much of the music from being amplified outside.

The subject agreed and the door was closed. Officers then contacted the reporting person and explained what took place. The reporting then called back approximately one hour later because the music was still too loud. Officers arrived at the scene and found no music playing. ********* On 7/10/2022, Officers were dispatched to the 32500 block of 3rd AVE for a music complaint.

Officers arrived on scene and determined the music was unreasonable for the time and day of the week. Officers contacted the individual who rented the property and advised the music needed to be turned down. The subject appeared to be intoxicated and was uncooperative with officers. However, other individuals at the location agreed to turn down the music.

Officers later provided a copy of the Black Diamond Municipal Code outlining the noise ordinance. The music was turned down and officers cleared the scene. ********** On 7/16/2022 Officers responded to a dispute between citizens in the 32000 block of 1st AVE. The reporting party stated that a citizen threatened his dog as he walked by.

The other citizen stated that the dog was off leash and charged at him as he walked down the road so he picked up a rock to protect himself, and then began arguing with the dog owner. Neither citizen wanted to pursue charges and agreed the dispute was settled while Officers were on scene. ********** On 7/16/2022, an Officer conducted a traffic stop for an equipment violation on an unlicensed box truck in the 21700 block of SE 288th ST.

The officer contacted the occupants and obtained the driver’s license. Before the officer completed the traffic stop and returned the driver’s license the suspect vehicle left the scene. Later in the evening the driver called 911 saying an officer took his license. Officers contacted the subject at the police department and determined a language barrier lead to a misunderstanding.

The officer issued a warning and returned the driver’s license to him.

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