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The Fire on the West slope of the Cascades

Author: JohnS Smith

West slope cascade fire
West slope cascade fire
West slope cascade fire
West slope cascade fire

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Right on


We've had smoke in the area now for 3-4 weeks. The fires seem to be at a distance, North center in the Cascade range, but as the winds have changed, the fires have started to come this way. 

On Sunday, the winds changed and started coming from the south, clearing the smoke. It became clear pretty quickly that the fires were closer than we thought. From Fall City, you could see the smoke mid-day, due East on the Western slope of the range, maybe 5-7 miles in. By 7 pm, you could see the flames coming over the top of the Lower level mountains on the West slope. By 9 pm, you could see the glow of fire on the back side of the same mountains. The fire had grown substantially, and it was incredible to see the flare-ups, and you could see it moving. 

On Monday, the winds had changed again, and the smoke settled back into the area, covering the views of the fires. 

We need the rain, which looks like it'll be here this weekend. Without it, those fires could be down to the valley by mid to the end of the week. 

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