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Top 10 activities in Fall City, Wa: Golf, Fish, float, shoot, pick, gamble, hike...

Author: JohnS Smith

Hiking in FAll City wa
Gambling in Fall city wa
Mt biking in Fall city wa
golfing in fall city wa

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key pointsKey Points
  • Ride a train on the Snoqualmie Valley Railroad
  • Float the Snoqualmie River
  • Play Golf at one of the half dozen local courses

What fun activities are there to do in Fall City, WA?

1. Visit the Fall City Farms Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze – explore the farm, pick your pumpkins, and get lost in the corn maze.

2. Tour the Snoqualmie Falls – enjoy the beauty of the 270-foot waterfall and take in some of the views of the surrounding area.

3. Take a Hike – explore the trails of the Snoqualmie Valley and take in the breathtaking scenery.

4. Attend the Fall City Day Festival – enjoy live music, a parade, a brew garden, and plenty of food and craft vendors.

5. Go, Apple Picking – pick your apples at the local orchards and enjoy some delicious treats.

6. Enjoy Local Brews – visit local breweries and sample some of the area's best craft beers.

7. Take a Ride on the Snoqualmie Valley Railroad – take a scenic journey through the countryside while enjoying the history of the railroad.

8. Visit the Snoqualmie Casino – enjoy gaming and entertainment at this local casino.

9. Go Mt Biking at serval great spots: Duthie Hill Mt Bike Park, Tukel Hill, the old Snoqualmie Rail line that goes all the way to Monroe

10. Tube the Snoqualmie River

11. Go fishing in the Snoqualmie River. 

12. Play Golf or hit at the range at the following courses: 

13. Shoot Guns at the Snoqualmie Rifle Range

For such a small town, Fll City has a lot of great local activities! 


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