Winter outing in Leavenworth

Author: JohnS Smith

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Key Points
  • Best All Day trip in Washington
  • Lots of activities from walking, dining, sleighing to going to the Reindeer Farm
  • Great Night life for everyone if you can bare the cold!

We took our annual Winter trip to Leavenworth last week and had a lot of fun. Went to the Reindeer farm, where the kids enjoyed feeding and petting the Reindeer. The tour starts with you waiting by the Food Stand, where they serve hot dogs and other wintery drinks. Then they have you go through the store where they have all sorts of Reindeer items.  Then you are taken to a picture area where you can get some great family photos and stand by a couple of fires. Once they're ready for your group, you go to an area where they do a quick education on the farm and reindeer, which was interesting. And the last part of the tour is into the Reindeer pen, where we feed the reindeer. The kids loved this part. 

After the reindeer farm, we went into town, and by 3 pm had already started to fill up with people. The sledding hill was packed, as was pretty much everything else. 

Sledding in Leavenworth

Once we found parking in town, the kids wanted to go to the sledding hill where all the other kids were. It's amazing how fast someone these kids were going down the hill. Constantly amazed at how no one kills themselves, the kids had fun. After watching the kids sled for almost an hour, it felt like the temperature had dropped 10 degrees. We tried to find a restaurant to eat at, but there were lines out everyone. 

The entire town was outfitted with Christmas lights, and it's beautiful. Each year, it seems the town looks better. The Christmas carolers were out along with a band in the center square, and it was about as perfect a Christmas image as it could be. 

Reindeer Farm

The last place we like to go before leaving is always the Kris Kringle store... Each year, it seems like this is the store everyone wants to go thru, and this year was no exception. There was a line to get in about 50 people deep, and it wasn't moving. Because of how cold it was, we decided to pass and went into the Taffy store adjacent to the Kris Kringle store. If you haven't been to this taffy store, regardless of whether you like taffy or not, you should stop by. They have more taffy options and candy brands than anywhere I've been and your kids will never forget the place. 

Overall, it's a great trip, the only issue is that every year it just keeps getting busier. This year the weather was perfect, cold and with plenty of snow. So it was packed. 

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Kris Kringle Store

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