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Lynden commercial building destroyed in late night fire

Reporter: Whatcom-news

 Lynden commercial building destroyed in late night fire

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Lynden commercial building destroyed in late night fire LYNDEN, Wash. — First responders were dispatched to the 8100 block of Guide Meridian about 11:30pm on Saturday, July 16th, due to a report of a commercial structure fire. North Whatcom Fire and Rescue and Lynden Fire Department firefighters responded. Lynden Fire Chief Mark Billmire told Whatcom News from the scene that firefighters arrived to find the structure fully involved and the smoke was nearly blocking traffic on the Guide Meridian. Crews were on site knocking down the fire, preventing it from spreading from the main building and doing mop-up until about 6:30am according to Billmire. Advertisement Click for more information Advertisement Click for more information Lynden Police Department investigators are working with the Whatcom County Fire Marshal’s Office to determine the cause. The tire services business’ main structure was considered a total loss with 3/4 of it reduced to rubble. Billmire said there were no injuries to occupants or firefighters.

1 occupant and a dog were able to safely get out. Billmire said only the main building was impacted and adjacent parking and storage yards were not impacted. Scene of commercial structure fire in Lynden (July 16, 2022). Photo: Dave Brumbaugh The Lynden Tribune recently reported (paywall blocked) a hotel was being planned to be built on the property.

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