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Now in effect: Fireworks code amendment banning personal use of aerial fireworks in North Bend

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In 2024, North Bend implemented restrictions on the personal use of aerial fireworks to reduce fire risks and protect people and animals. The ordinance bans aerial fireworks within city limits but allows ground fireworks, hand-held sparkling devices, and smoke devices. The amendment to the Fireworks Code was passed in December 2022 but took effect in December 2023 due to a one-year waiting period required by the State of Washington. Councilmembers discussed the pros and cons of fireworks during a meeting, recognizing their tradition while acknowledging the associated dangers. Community fireworks events are permitted under the ordinance. Prohibited items include aerial devices like bottle rockets, firecrackers, and explosive devices. Some upcoming events in Snoqualmie Valley with fireworks include Red, White and BOOM on July 4th, Carnation 4th of July Celebration on July 4th, and The Festival at Mt. Si on August 10-

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