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6 astounding homes in geometric style

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 6 astounding homes in geometric style

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This article features several unique homes for sale in different locations across the United States. The first home, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a rectangular house with bay windows and various modern features such as high ceilings and floating stairs. The second home, situated in Seattle, Washington, is an industrial-modern house designed to showcase art collections, with skylights and walls of windows. The third home, located in Sherman Oaks, California, is a split-level rectangle with slatted screens and a landscaped lot featuring a rectangular waterfall pool. The fourth home, situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a six-bedroom house with undulating curves and a yoga-meditation room. The fifth home, located in Santa Monica, California, is a galvanized steel-clad cube designed to maximize southern exposure and sea breezes. Lastly, there is a rustic-modern A-frame house in Grand Gorge, New York, with smart features and mountain views.

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