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ASRS 2023: Topics at the annual meeting researchers found most exciting

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 ASRS 2023: Topics at the annual meeting researchers found most exciting

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At the 2023 American Society of Retina Specialists meeting in Seattle, Washington, we asked some of the presenters, "What research here do you find exciting or interesting?" Here's what Diana Do, MD, Shawn Kavoussi, MD, and Durga Borkar, MD, MMCi had to say! Video Transcript Editor's note - This transcript has been edited for clarity. Advertisement Diana Do, MD: I think the exciting news in this event was the inflammation associated with some of our newer agents, specifically pegcetacoplan for the treatment of geographic atrophy.

It's great that the retina community is working with industry to evaluate these cases of intraocular inflammation and determine the next best steps for our patients. Shawn Kavoussi, MD: In general, I'm very excited about new treatment options for a variety of vascular diseases, retinal vascular diseases.

It's, we're fortunate to practice in the era we have many options. We can tailor the treatment to the certain patient situation. Durga Borkar, MD, MMCi: I think this is a really exciting and timely meeting in particular given the recent information about safety events for Syforve. I think a lot of the geographic atrophy studies have been particularly interesting and enlightening for me when thinking about how to treat my patients.

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