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FAA Receives Boeing’s Plan To Address Aircraft Safety And Quality Issues

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 FAA Receives Boeing’s Plan To Address Aircraft Safety And Quality Issues

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Boeing has unveiled a comprehensive plan to address safety and quality issues in its aircraft manufacturing processes, following FAA directives. The initiative was prompted by an incident involving a Boeing 737 Max 9 jetliner operated by Alaska Airlines, where a fuselage panel blew out during a flight. FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker stressed the importance of Boeing's commitment to transformative actions and emphasized ongoing oversight to ensure effective fixes. The panel failure was attributed to missing bolts, adding to Boeing's existing challenges following fatal crashes of two Max jetliners in recent years. The FAA has restricted production of the 737 Max until satisfied with Boeing's progress on safety measures, including minimizing "traveled work" and enhancing oversight of key suppliers like Spirit AeroSystems. Boeing faces additional issues with other projects such as the 787 Dreamliner, Starliner space capsule, military refueling tanker, and new Air Force One jets.

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