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Mariners' Julio Rodriguez looks to break out in finale vs. A's

Reporter: Deadspin

 Mariners' Julio Rodriguez looks to break out in finale vs. A's

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Seattle Mariners' player Julio Rodriguez is struggling to perform up to his usual standards this season, batting .247 with one home run and 11 RBIs. Opponents have been pitching him inside early and getting him to chase outside breaking pitches. The team emphasizes the importance of being selective with pitches and staying aggressive. Despite some standout moments, like hitting a 110.5 mph home run, Rodriguez is still working on finding his rhythm. In a recent game against Oakland, pitcher Joey Estes made an impressive play despite being hit by a line drive from Rodriguez. The A's won the game, adding to their limited victories against Seattle in recent matchups. The series finale will feature Oakland's Alex Wood against Seattle's Luis Castillo on the mound.

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