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Rossen Reports: TSA Precheck Vs. CLEAR; which one is right for you?

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 Rossen Reports: TSA Precheck Vs. CLEAR; which one is right for you?

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Ts *** precheck global entry clear. Each one can get you through security faster, but which one is right for you? Let's break them down. If you travel mostly domestically, you don't go international. Too much. Ts *** pre is the right choice for you. Listen to the price. It's not bad. $78 gets you *** five year membership.

So *** one time $78 fee you get five years. Ok? And all you have to do like these folks right here. Look how short this line is. You just scan your license and you're right through. You can actually even keep your sneakers on and everything. You don't have to take everything out of your bag. Now, here's how you sign up.

You fill out an online application then. I'm sorry, you do have to come into an enrollment center. It's just *** 10 minute appointment. Ok. That's all it takes. They're going to fingerprint you, they're going to do *** background check on you. They're going to ask you to bring in documentation like your passport.

You'll get what's called *** known traveler number. Within 3 to 5 days. It could take up to 60 days but then you're in. But if you travel internationally, you want global entry gets you through customs faster. When you get back to the US, you apply online and then get interviewed at one of their centers.

It can take up to 11 months to get approved. Global entry costs $100 for five years. But get this, it includes S *** precheck. You get both. Now some credit cards offer money toward the cost of S *** precheck and global entry like the Bank of America premium rewards card, the Capital One Venture card and the Mastercard gold card, they'll all give you $100 credits toward the application fee.

Finally, let's talk about clear while *** pre and global entry are government programs clear is *** private company. So it's actually really easy. I have clear. All you do is you come up to one of these kiosks, it scans your eyes, eyes or takes your fingerprint. Boom. You get escorted right to the front of the line.

You're escorted right to the front. You don't have to show your license or anything, just your boarding pass. So signing up for clear is actually really easy. Unlike the other ones where you have to go through *** background check and all that, they do it right here on the spot. You sign up at the kiosk on the spot, you're going to be good.

Now, here's the other thing you can do. So that's clear. You can also, ok, you can also stack that with TS *** pre so down over here. And by the way, while we're walking down here, let me tell you, it's $189 per year. So it's *** little more pricey than the others. But American Express covers it. United and Delta.

If you're *** frequent traveler with them, they'll give you *** discount to it. So you can stack it up with your TS *** pre. So if you're clear and t *** pre keep your shoes on and you go to the front of the line while you decide which one is right for you. There's one more way you can get through TS *** quickly some airports let you schedule the time to get through the lines and it's free.

It's not available everywhere yet. But we have *** full list of airports where it is available on Rosson reports dot com. That's all for today. Back to you. Advertisement Rossen Reports: TSA Precheck Vs. CLEAR; which one is right for you? Share Copy Link Copy Security at airports has changed drastically since the Sept.

11 terrorist attacks. Expedited security programs have become a way to help keep us safe, but still get us through security in a timely manner. And if you’ve seen other travelers sail through TSA, you might be wondering, how can I get that too?Between TSA Precheck and CLEAR and Global Entry, you need to know the difference between each and which one is right for you.TSA PrecheckIf you rarely travel abroad, this one’s for you.

TSA Precheck is a government program available in more than 200 airports across the country. You get into a special line, separate from regular TSA screening, then you’ll scan your driver’s license with the TSA officer, and you’re onto the screening. Your wait is about 10 minutes or less. Another major benefit here is that you get a smoother security screening process because you don’t need to remove your shoes, light jacket, belt, or laptops from your bag, or 3-1-1 liquids.

How to apply: You have to submit an online application and then schedule an in-person appointment at an enrollment center. You bring documents (like your passport and your license, for example) and then they’ll do a background check and fingerprint you. You then get a Known Traveler Number. Most of the time, it will take 3 to 5 days to get your number, but it can take up to 60 days.

Cost: It costs $78 for a five-year membership.Global EntryGlobal Entry will give you expedited U.S. customs screening for international air travelers when entering the United States. If you travel internationally more than once a year, this would make sense for you. It’s a government program that’s available at 77 airports globally.

If you have Global Entry, you’ll be able to use a kiosk that will verify your identity, rather than having an immigration officer spend time checking your passport. No processing times and no paperwork.How to apply: You create an account through the "Trusted Traveler Program" and apply. Once your application is approved, you’ll schedule an interview at a Global Entry Enrollment Center.

You'll bring your documents and a Customs and Border Protection Officer will interview you, take your picture and get your fingerprints. It can take up to 11 months to get approved for Global Entry. Cost: It costs $100 for five years, but this also includes TSA Precheck, too.CLEARThis is a privately owned company.

While the other two programs do background checks on you, CLEAR doesn’t. It’s available at more than 50 airports and is also available at several stadiums as well. You go up to the kiosks at the airport, and it will scan your eyes or take your fingerprint. Then, you are escorted to the front of the normal TSA line.

You don’t have to show your license, just your boarding pass. How to apply: You can either start the enrollment process online and finish at a CLEAR location, or you can go through the entire process at a CLEAR location. Cost: CLEAR costs $189 per year.You can stack TSA Precheck and CLEAR memberships together.

Doing this, means you don’t have to take off your shoes or take out anything from your backpack. It also means you get to go to the front of the Precheck line as well.DiscountsSome credit cards offer money towards these fees for both TSA Precheck and Global Entry. Like the Bank of America Premium Rewards card, the Capital One Venture Card and the MasterCard Gold Card will all give you a $100 credit towards the application fee.

CLEAR costs can get covered, too. American Express covers the cost, and both Delta and United give you discounts if you're a frequent flier with them. Other servicesThere's one more way you can go through TSA quickly. Some airports let you schedule time to get through the lines for free. At participating airports, you can make a reservation online to go through TSA.

All you need to do is fill out the day and time you're traveling, your name and flight information. Then you just show up at the time you signed up for, look for the signage that tells you where people with appointments should go, and head up to a security agent.Each airport calls the service something different.

The rules on how close you can book an appointment to your departure vary as well.Each one is listed below, and there are links to each to sign up for a time:Charleston, South Carolina (CHS)Charleston International Airport: CHS Fast LaneDallas/Fort Worth, Texas (DFW)Dallas–Fort Worth International Airport: DFW Security Fast PassLos Angeles, California (LAX)Los Angeles International Airport: LAX Fast LaneNewark, New Jersey (EWR)New Jersey's Newark Liberty International Airport: Newark VirtuaLineNew York, New York (JFK)John F.

Kennedy International Airport: JFK T4 ReserveOrlando, Florida (MCO)Orlando International Airport: MCO ReservePhoenix, Arizona (PHX)Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport: PHX ReserveSeattle, Washington (SEA)Seattle-Tacoma International Airport: SEA Spot Saver

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