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Study finds Seattle Seahawks' Blitz is NFL's most forgettable mascot

Reporter: Fox13seattle

 Study finds Seattle Seahawks' Blitz is NFL's most forgettable mascot

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A study by identified the most memorable and forgettable mascots in American sports leagues, including the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and Premiere League. Blitz the Seahawk was found to be one of the most forgettable mascots in the NFL. The quiz results revealed that Raider Rusher from the Las Vegas Raiders was the most memorable NFL mascot. Similar rankings were provided for MLB, NHL, NBA, and Premiere League mascots. Notably, Sluggerrr from the Kansas City Royals was deemed the most forgettable mascot across all leagues, while Cyril the Swan from Swansea City was recognized as the most memorable mascot globally.

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