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Where to find Mariners-Royals, Seahawks-Packers on the radio

Reporter: Mynorthwest

 Where to find Mariners-Royals, Seahawks-Packers on the radio

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The Mariners continue to surge in their quest for a playoff spot, and the Seahawks are set to wrap up the preseason on Saturday in Green Bay. With the two Saturday contests overlapping, we’re here to help you find the Seattle Mariners radio and Seattle Seahawks radio broadcasts – both of which are available on the Seattle Sports app. Both the #Seahawks and #Mariners radio broadcasts are LIVE now on the Seattle Sports app! Go to the home screen on the app and click on the game you want to listen to.

More details: — Seattle Sports (@SeattleSports) August 26, 2023 Below are details on how to listen to each game. And as is always the case, online streaming is limited to the Pacific Northwest due to MLB and NFL restrictions. Seahawks at Packers Airing on: Seattle Sports 710 AM and KIRO Newsradio 97.3 FM Mobile streaming: Seattle Sports app, Seahawks app, or (available within 100 miles of Seattle) Pregame show: 8 a.m. Kickoff: 10 a.m. Postgame show: Lasts for roughly two hours after the game. More details on streaming Seattle Seahawks Radio Network broadcasts Mariners vs.

Royals Airing on: 770 AM (joined in progress on Seattle Sports 710 AM after Seahawks postgame) Mobile streaming: Seattle Sports app and (available in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, B.C. and Alaska) How to listen on the app: Click the button with the Mariners logo underneath the main audio feed on the home screen (click here for visual instructions). Pregame show: Noon First pitch: 1:10 p.m. Postgame show: Lasts for roughly one hour after the game. More details on streaming Seattle Mariners Radio Network broadcasts

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