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Who is Nicholas Edward Letney? Seattle airport video sparks mass outrage online

Reporter: Sportskeeda

 Who is Nicholas Edward Letney? Seattle airport video sparks mass outrage online

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Nicholas Letney, a politician and leader of the Christian Workers group, has gained attention on Twitter after allegedly shouting slurs at travelers at the Seattle airport. In a video posted by StopAntisemitism, Letney can be heard saluting and yelling Nazi slogans. He also reportedly screamed at police officers who were attempting to arrest him. Letney's website reveals his political beliefs, including support for nationalizing housing and car repair shops, as well as banning atheism and expressing demeaning views towards African Americans. Internet users expressed shock and condemnation over Letney's behavior. This incident is not the only instance of racism in Washington, as an unidentified Uber rider was recently restricted from using the platform after repeatedly using racial slurs against a driver.

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