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WMU Professor Gives Crucial Advice For New Students: "Skip Class"

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 WMU Professor Gives Crucial Advice For New Students:

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Right on


Vickie Edwards, an assistant professor at WMU did not hold back recently when it came to sending an open message to the new students entering Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, as she encouraged them to get the most out of their college years, especially after the last 4 years we've had in this country. By no means was she encouraging students to completely slack off when she told them to "skip class sometimes" but what she had to say has some serious staying power and is solid advice: Get our free mobile app You're going above and beyond in your classes in the first few weeks and giving all of your instructors life like we haven't felt since long before the pandemic.... Stop it.

Stop it right now. Well, so far we're off to a good start... This is not sustainable for you. You are NOT going to have that enthusiasm or energy forever, and if you don't try to dole it out slowly, you'll burn out and possibly drop out. Skip class sometimes. Go wander in the woods with friends, climb a tree, do something stupid.

Take a nap. Lay around in bed and binge-watch something you're embarrassed to admit that you loved as a child. Find yourself a way to get your heart properly broken and then duct-tape it back together. Take an impromptu road trip. Do things you never thought you'd do just because someone comes up with a crazy idea. Why It's So Important For Her Your college years are precious I loved mine so much that I never actually left and while you should absolutely learn and do and experience all the things if that's what you truly want to do, it's also okay to just be a chill, average student, to be the underachiever, to be the one who screws up sometimes. With love, The massive screwup who somehow still became your professor anyway 11 Celebrities Who Attended Western Michigan University

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