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Avoiding a Yakima Crash? Police Say Just Stop For Red Lights

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 Avoiding a Yakima Crash? Police Say Just Stop For Red Lights

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Ten drivers in Yakima over the last week were involved in crashes as a result of not stopping for a red light. Yakima Police say it's a constant problem they want to stop. YPD WOULD LIKE TO PLACE OFFICERS AT SPECIFIC INTERSECTIONS With a shortage of Officers police say they can't afford to place officers sitting idle to watch specific intersections.

The reason why they're hoping drivers police themselves. Authorities are concerned a red light crash will eventually result in a fatal crash. Get our free mobile app LOTS OF TRAFFIC STOPS EACH WEEK AND YAKIMA AND UNION GAP Speed and red light patrols continue in the cities of Yakima and Union Gap.

Over the past week Yakima Officers made a total of 767 traffic stops and issued 335 citations. They investigated 33 collisions with 10 the result of drivers not stopping for a red light. The numbers fluctuate. EACH WEEK OFFICERS INVESTIGATE RED LIGHT CRASHES Last week Officers investigated 33 collisions were reported with 19 the result of drivers not stopping for a red light.

Officers won't say if any of the drivers were impaired but they arrested 7 drivers during the week for Driving Under the Influence. Officers are seeing a majority of the red light crashes at three different intersections; *40th Avenue and Powerhouse Road *East Yakima Avenue and 17th Street *16th Avenue and Summitview BEWARE OFFICERS ARE WATCHING YOUR DRIVING The patrol numbers aren't available for Union Gap but Officers in both cities continue searching for drivers who don't obey traffic laws hoping to cut the number of serious injury and fatal crashes in Yakima and Union Gap.

In a Hurry in Yakima or Union Gap? Don't Speed Because Police Are Watching. See the 25 weirdest scams ever LOOK: TV Locations in Every State

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