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In the Book Nook with … Susan Old – The Suburban Times

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 In the Book Nook with … Susan Old – The Suburban Times

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Submitted by Susanne Bacon. Author Susan Old Author Susan Old lives on the Stillaguamish River just outside Granite Falls, Washington. She is a retired addiction therapist, which makes it possible to write whenever taking care of her family dog, cats, and volunteering allows. Susan started writing in her 20s but never completed a book till her late 30s.

Unfortunately, a lightning storm hit her house and fried her computer (this was before the Cloud), destroying the only copy. Now she backs up everything. Many years and life experiences later, Susan used her notes to complete the first book in her vampire series. She published “Rare Blood” in 2017 and this year published the fourth in the Miranda Chronicles series.

In addition to her vampire books, Susan Old writes and publishes witch novella anthologies with Linda Jordan and Susan Brown. She is a member of the Writer’s Co-Operative of the Pacific Northwest. One of her short story contributions to their annual anthology won an award. A caretaker of people for many years, Susan now focuses on animals, volunteering with her husband at an animal shelter and helping to raise funds for rescued cats and dogs. Which genres do you cover? Susan Old: Vampires are an interesting genre as they fall under paranormal romance, urban fantasy, supernatural fiction and horror.

Though my well-mannered undead find nothing horrible about their existence. Which is the latest book you had published, and what is about? Susan Old: My latest book, “New Blood Rising,” focuses on the second generation of mortal/vampire “hybrids” who find themselves pulled into the schemes of the most ancient vampire who desires their very rare blood.

To save an innocent mortal’s life Marie Mordecai, the eldest of the triplets, makes a deal with the seductive vampire leader, the Magus, causing unforeseen consequences and upheaval in vampire society. It’s best to start with the first book to get a feeling for this vampire world. Billy the Kid, and Czarina Anastasia are just a couple of the vampires that might surprise you. Susan Old’s latest vampire book is one of a popular series. At which book events can readers find you? Susan Old: I participate in the Arlington Street Fair, the annual Women’s Expo in Marysville, Snoqulamie Day in Snoqualmie, Washington, Railroad Day in Granite Falls, Washington, the Alchemy Fair in Everett, Washington, and the Pacific Northwest Witches Market events in King County, Washington. Which book event connecting you with readers is your favorite and why? Susan Old: My favorite in-person book event is the Arlington Street Fair.

It is very gratifying when readers come back every year for the next book in the series. My fifth book is being edited now. Do you have any specific messages to your readers and, if so, which are they? Susan Old: Feel a kinship with Miranda as she uses humor and a lot of coffee to deal with the upheaval of seductive vampires invading her life.

I write to give my readers a little escape from everyday stress. Which writer(s) keep(s) inspiring you and why? Susan Old: I enjoy reading many authors, but the one that has inspired my writing the most is Neil Gaiman. One of my daughters turned me on to his books. “Stardust” is probably my favorite.

It is amazing fantasy with quirky struggling characters and plot twists. To honor Bram Stoker, I’ve included him in my first book. Do you have specific writing habits? My writing schedule varies depending on when our fat tabby, Samurai, our skinny Siamese, Seraphina, and our goofy English Lab, Bela, all settle down after breakfast.

Once I thought I’d write at a desk, but now I sit on the couch with my critters nearby and my computer in my lap. A mug of coffee, my magic bean juice, is always nearby. What are you currently working on? Susan Old: The 6th book of the vampire series is my current project. I won’t give anything away, but the 5th book coming out next year has a vampire/succubus pirate, just saying.

It is so much fun to get my characters in trouble, then help them figure out what to do next. Sometimes they are not happy with me. I also have a witch novella for the next 3 Witches book, “Witch Stone,” which is being edited and will be published next year. More books by Susan Old Which book are you currently reading simply for entertainment? Susan Old: I love to read different genres: paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and of course vampire books.

I think it helps an author become a better writer, reading and enjoying a good book by another author. My current read is “Magical Midlife Madness” by K. F. Breene. A middle-aged woman moves to a town filled with paranormal magic after a divorce. Really fun, quirky characters. What advice would you give any aspiring author? Susan Old: Put self-doubt aside and write your story.

Write your tale like you might tell it to a friend. There is always time to edit later; just start putting your tale down on paper. No one else can tell your stories. You are never too young or old to write. Enjoy the process and don’t let criticism hold you back. Miranda takes on the vampire world with a cup of coffee.

You got this! You can find Susan Old’s Miranda Chronicles on her website or at Amazon. The witch anthology books are available at this Amazon link and All these books can also be found at Artisan’s Books and Coffee in Everett, Washington.

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