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Public Hearing Scheduled to Discuss New Antenna Installation in Snoqualmie

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 Public Hearing Scheduled to Discuss New Antenna Installation in Snoqualmie

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by The City of Snoqualmie has scheduled a public hearing for September 11, from 10 am to noon, to address an application to install nine antennas atop a nonresidential building located at the northwestern intersection of Snoqualmie Parkway and Center Boulevard. This comes after the Notice of Application was released on June 12, following the project’s submission on May 8. CoreOne Consulting, represented by Jamo Stephenson, submitted the application, known as WIRE2023-0001.

The proposal entails a wireless communications facility permit and a conditional use permit. These would permit the placement of nine antennas within a newly proposed stealth structure. This architectural design aims to screen and hide the antenna equipment visually. Moreover, the antennas will be supported by equipment housed in the false second story of the building, located over the existing commercial space and the building’s rooftop. The address for the proposed antenna site is Snoqualmie Ridge Phase I, situated at the intersection of Snoqualmie Parkway and Center Boulevard Southeast, with a specific address of 7917 Center Boulevard, Snoqualmie, WA. For those interested in participating in the hearing, both oral and written testimonies will be accepted.

The hearing will be conducted via Zoom. Details for accessing the Zoom meeting are as follows: Webinar ID: 865 6388 7024 Passcode: 870097 Furthermore, for residents who want to delve deeper into the application’s details, all related documents and supporting materials are accessible to the public. They can be reviewed at the City of Snoqualmie Community Development Department, located at 38624 SE River Street, Snoqualmie, Washington. Like this: Like Loading...

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