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Juvenile Arrested with Stolen Firearm Fights with Police

Reporter: Spokanecity

 Juvenile Arrested with Stolen Firearm Fights with Police

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A 16-year-old juvenile was arrested by the Spokane Police Department (SPD) after assaulting a female juvenile, displaying a stolen gun to witnesses, getting on an occupied bus with the gun, and fighting with police. Witnesses reported that the male had assaulted the female and showed them a gun when they confronted him. Officers arrived at the scene and directed the male and female to stop, but they ignored the officer's instructions and boarded a bus. The officers ordered the driver not to leave and called for backup. When officers entered the bus, both juveniles ignored their commands and physically resisted arrest. During the struggle, an officer used a taser on the male, who briefly incapacitated before continuing to resist. The male then pulled out a handgun from his waistband and threw it under a seat on the bus. Eventually, officers were able to take him into custody after further resistance. The female involved is also facing charges of obstructing a law enforcement officer. The situation was deemed volatile and dangerous for everyone involved.

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