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Three Spokane Teens Arrested for Skid Marks on a Pride Crosswalk

Reporter: Pjmedia

 Three Spokane Teens Arrested for Skid Marks on a Pride Crosswalk

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The text discusses incidents involving Lime scooters and vandalism in Spokane, Washington. Lime scooters were used by obnoxious kids in Salt Lake City, leading to demands for their removal. In Spokane, three teens were arrested for defacing a Pride/Progress flag on a crosswalk, which is considered a hate crime under Washington law. The offenders faced legal consequences, including fines and jail time. Lime condemned the act and marked the intersection as a no-go zone on its app. The incident sparked debates about public murals in streets and the motivations behind such vandalism, highlighting issues of rebellion and societal reactions to provocative actions.

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