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Who in Montana Remembers ‘Expo ’74’ in Spokane, WA?

Reporter: Kyssfm

 Who in Montana Remembers ‘Expo ’74’ in Spokane, WA?

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- Spokane, Washington held the "International Exposition on the Environment Spokane 1974," known as "Expo '74," from May 4 to November 3, 1974. - Despite being the smallest city to host a world's fair, Expo '74 attracted over 5 million visitors. - The 50th anniversary of Expo '74 will be celebrated on May 4, 2024, at River Front Park in Spokane. - Many people from Montana attended Expo '74, including the author's family who had a memorable experience at the event. - The author recalls visiting the pavilion in River Front Park and a scary incident where one of their sisters got lost but was found safely later. - Montanans are invited to revisit Expo '74 memories at the upcoming 50th-anniversary celebration in Spokane.

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