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Who is Brittan Morgan? Bodycam footage shows deputy driving through fire to aid people during Washington wildfires

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 Who is Brittan Morgan? Bodycam footage shows deputy driving through fire to aid people during Washington wildfires

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SPOKANE, WASHINGTON: Brittan Morgan is a deputy with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office, and he was seen in heart-stopping bodycam footage during a wildfire in Washington state. ADVERTISEMENT In the video, Deputy Morgan can be heard screaming, "I don't wanna f*****g die in this," as he drives through flames raging in a forest while warning residents to get out, "Unless you wanna die!" Also Read: Christopher Hayes: High alert issued after 'dangerous' murder suspect escapes custody at George Washington University Hospital The video, posted by the Spokane County Sheriff's Office, captures Deputy Brittan Morgan (right) driving through a forest fire and warning residents to get out (Spokane Sheriff) ADVERTISEMENT Spokane County Deputy Brittan Morgan heroic action amidst wildfire The video, shared by the Spokane County Sheriff's Office on Facebook, titled 'Driving Through Hell on Earth', gained significant attention online, amassing 22,000 views and numerous comments from shocked viewers. ADVERTISEMENT Also Read: Internet claims to have 'proof' Kerry Washington cropped Meghan Markle out of pic with Kelly Rowland The video showed Morgan was unaware that his body camera was still recording during the harrowing experience. "Clearly, he is not sure how it would end, but his determination to escape the flames is evident," the Spokane County Sheriff's Office wrote on Facebook. Also Read: Megyn Kelly puts reporter on blast for being 'intellectually incurious‘ to probe corruption claims against Joe Biden In the video, Morgan continued to evacuate residents from the area affected by the Oregon Road Fire, which has devastated the region. The video also captured a poignant moment when he encountered a man trying to save his horse. The man declined to evacuate the property, and Deputy Morgan made sure that the man had made arrangements for transportation to leave before departing from the scene himself. ADVERTISEMENT Spokane County Deputy Brittan Morgan's unforgettable ordeal The video revealed the perilous conditions Morgan faced, with bright orange flames surrounding him and smoke obstructing his windshield as he drove through the blazing forest. The footage also showed him urging another vehicle to move faster as they navigated through the flames. He was heard yelling at a truck driver, "It's headed right for us, man, I was just there.

Unless you wanna die, hurry up and go." Several minutes later in the video, Morgan encounters the same man he had spoken with earlier, saying, "Oh thank you, bro, I was so worried about you." ADVERTISEMENT The unidentified man appears to be crying as the law enforcement agent approaches him. "I know you're probably sad for your horse right now, I'm glad you're alive," Morgan said. The video resonated with viewers on Facebook, many of whom praised Morgan's bravery and dedication to his duty in the face of danger.

"HEROS ALL AROUND," wrote one person. ADVERTISEMENT "That is so intense. You can tell that officer has so much heart. I'm so glad he was safe and that the other people got out," another shared. "Thank you to all the officers that help evacuate my family, neighbors and friends. It was one if the most terrifiying days of my life," another wrote. This article contains remarks made on the Internet by individual people and organizations.

MEAWW cannot confirm them independently and does not support claims or opinions being made online. More from MEAWW Sigmund Ropich: Washington college student, 19, identified as passenger who fell off 'Wonder of the Seas' cruise ship What did 'The Equalizer 3' maker say about Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning's reunion? Actors are coming together after almost 20 years

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