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2024 Costs Are Up in Washington as Wedding Season Arrives

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 2024 Costs Are Up in Washington as Wedding Season Arrives

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Wedding Season in the U.S. typically runs from May to October, and couples are advised to start budgeting for weddings in their family. The Knot's annual survey of 9,300 couples who got married in 2023 highlights rising wedding costs due to inflation and economic factors. The average spending on ceremonies and receptions increased to $35,000 in 2023, with destination weddings costing around $41,000 compared to $33,000 for hometown ceremonies. Key expenses include venues, engagement rings, and live bands. Factors like the size of the ceremony (average guest list of 115) and number of guests impact costs. Specific metro areas like Seattle/Tacoma ($32,000), San Francisco ($51,000), and Los Angeles ($48,000) have varying average wedding costs. The study also notes trends such as an average diamond wedding ring size of 1.6 carats.

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