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High-profile Galena project outside of Seattle stalled, tangled in lawsuits, too

Reporter: Boisedev

 High-profile Galena project outside of Seattle stalled, tangled in lawsuits, too

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Galena Equity Partners, a Boise-based developer, is facing issues with stalled construction projects in both Meridian, Idaho, and Tacoma, Washington. In Meridian, a project involving 360 apartments and commercial space has been delayed multiple times despite promises of restarting construction. Galena is now dealing with lawsuits, liens, and financial troubles. In Tacoma, the Tacoma Town Center project led by Galena has also hit roadblocks with unpaid bills leading to potential property liens. The city revoked a building permit due to lack of progress on the site. Despite claims of a temporary hold on the project, no significant advancements have been made recently.

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