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A Visionary CTO Leaves a Legacy of Collaboration, Equity in Tacoma, Washington

Reporter: Esri

 A Visionary CTO Leaves a Legacy of Collaboration, Equity in Tacoma, Washington

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Grace Brosnon, the chief technology officer of Tacoma, Washington, focuses on using technology to achieve outcomes rather than for its own sake. She played a key role in developing the Equity Index Map powered by GIS, which aids in making equitable decisions for the city across various areas. The collaboration and dedication of her team and other stakeholders have been crucial in the success of this initiative. The Equity Index Map scores different indicators to highlight disparities in access to services and opportunities for Tacoma residents. It has garnered recognition and interest from other municipalities for its effectiveness. Brosnon's career journey reflects her passion for connecting business needs with technology solutions and serving the community. Her strategic approach to utilizing technology to help people has been instrumental in driving impactful projects within the city of Tacoma.

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