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Animals at THIS Petting Zoo ‘Do Little’ Except Suffer

Reporter: Peta

 Animals at THIS Petting Zoo ‘Do Little’ Except Suffer

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The article reports on the findings of animal deaths and cruelty at Debbie Dolittle’s Indoor Petting Zoo in Tacoma, Washington, under the ownership of Donald Miller. Investigations revealed neglect, improper care, and deaths of animals like a sloth named Malia and two otters. Despite recommendations for criminal charges, legal action has not been pursued against Miller. The USDA fined the facility for animal deaths and injuries to humans. Miller's history includes previous violations and associations with other problematic animal exhibitors. PETA called for charges against Miller, leading to the termination of his exhibitor's license. The article urges readers to avoid supporting facilities that exploit animals for profit and provides ways to help prevent such mistreatment.

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