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Closing Bell: Blumetric Environmental Inc up on Wednesday (BLM)

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 Closing Bell: Blumetric Environmental Inc up on Wednesday (BLM)

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Blumetric Environmental Inc shares closed at $0.46, up 13.75% from the previous day's close of $0.40, with a trading range of $0.40 to $0.46 during the day. The company trades under BLM on the TSX Venture Exchange and has a market capitalization of $13.39 million with an annual EPS of $0.01. The broader market indices across North America also saw movements: TSX Composite closed at 22145.02, S&P 500 at 5354.03, Dow Jones at 38807.33, and Nasdaq Composite at 17187.90. Blumetric Environmental Inc has traded as high as $0.48 and as low as $0.25 in the past 52 weeks, showing a rise of 10.98% over that period and a significant increase of 78.43% this year. The company is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and currently holds an average recommendation of "Strong Sell" based on analyst ratings from Zacks. Overall trading on the TSX-V showed more price decliners than advancers during the session, with Blumetric Environmental Inc having a total trade volume of 10,001 shares and an average volume of 16,992 over the last five days. This information was generated using AI technology for summarizing market data efficiently for readers' benefit by The Globe and Mail platform experiments leveraging artificial intelligence for various financial analyses and reports across North American securities markets.

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