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ICE’s cruelty kills another migrant in solitary confinement

Reporter: Prismreports

 ICE’s cruelty kills another migrant in solitary confinement

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Charles Leo Daniel, a 61-year-old migrant from Trinidad and Tobago with mental illness, died after spending over 800 days in solitary confinement at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington. His death has raised concerns about ICE's adherence to regulations governing detainee treatment. Despite suffering from a significant mental illness, Daniel was held in isolation for an extended period, which can have severe psychological and physical effects. ICE's use of solitary confinement has been criticized for violating international norms and federal laws. Data shows that Daniel spent over 1,200 days in isolation, contrary to ICE guidelines requiring it as a last resort. The lack of legal representation for detainees like Daniel further compounds the issue. The Biden administration has seen an increase in the use of solitary confinement by ICE, with inadequate data collection hindering oversight efforts. Private contractors like GEO Group contribute to the lack of transparency surrounding detention facilities' practices. Efforts to regulate detention conditions face challenges, as evidenced by a recent court decision blocking Washington state inspectors from enforcing new standards at the Northwest Detention Center. Calls to end solitary confinement and improve detainee conditions have been made by various organizations but have yet to receive a formal response. The death of Charles Leo Daniel has sparked protests and hunger strikes among detainees at the Northwest Detention Center, highlighting ongoing concerns about immigration detention practices and the need for accountability and reform within ICE operations.

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